So you work a dead end job. You have dreams, but since when do people achieve their dreams? They’re called dreams for a reason, right?

My dream was to become a primary school teacher. At 25 years old, I began my Teaching Degree externally. I was in a stable position in life, finally, a time where I could commit to a huge 7-8 years of part time external study.

Three weeks later, I dropped out. While that is not uncommon by any means, why was that dream so unattainable for me, but not for others?

For me, it was not a realistic dream. I wanted to be a teacher to change kids lives, to make a difference. While I wanted it, I didn’t actually have any interest in the subject matter, and found it too hard to persevere with. My brain felt empty when studying.

Right from day one I struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel and became uninterested quickly. The results would be so far away. The hardest part was telling my wife – she was beyond excitement, and was so proud when  I began the degree.  Not an easy conversation.

The Verge of Discovery

NOT just another snag on the barbie

Computers and tech are a primary interest. Tech geek, reporting for duty.

The dream now?

Web developer. Starting my own business, to be precise.

Now, no illusions in embarking on this journey. There will be hard work, constantly refreshing knowledge as new standards and technologies emerge. But, the results will be realised throughout the journey. I can apply what I learn as I learn it.

Don’t ever be scared to change your life. If you work full time, study out of hours.

Make sure you try to look at areas of genuine interest to you – motivation is a killer, especially with external studies.

Money an issue? Most training providers offer payment plans. Look at it as an investment rather than a bill.

Failure is a scary prospect. I’ve failed more times than I can recall. Remember, if you don’t try, you can’t fail – but I can guarantee you’ll still be stuck in the same lousy job earning the same lousy pay.

Challenge yourself. Break your routine. You will see results.

Video games can wait.